We are delighted to bring the MuteDesign® range of acoustics solutions to our Irish customers.  The art of silence, is the essence of MuteDesign® products, marrying noise reduction with timeless, sustainable design. They collaborate with experienced acoustic laboratories, as well as renowned designers and architects. Developing products together with experts in acoustics, fully certified as the most efficient in absorbing, blocking or diffusing unwanted noise.  MuteDesign® resides in Warsaw, Poland and has developed a range of products to combat unwanted noise from our working environment.  A balanced acoustic environment in Open spaces, Conference Rooms, Receptions, Call Centres and Break-out Areas.

Space S is a technological rocket that encapsulates peace. Sublime, ergonomic and functional, Space S provides your office with a peaceful and serene workspace, allowing maximum focus and minimal distraction.


Our offices are located in Dublin, Limerick and Cork. Showroom facilitates available in Citywest Dublin, Limerick and Cork.

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