De Vorm truly gives shape to its distinct Furniture range. Established in a new era, De Vorm develop products by the standards of today. Meaning they produce efficiently, use the full lifecycle of products, and eventually create the opportunity to give them a new life.

A good product makes life easier; it helps us function better throughout the day. You won’t think about it after the placement, as it instantly contributes to the pleasant experience – both functionally and aesthetically. ‘For us, a good product is not only well constructed and of excellent quality, but also understood without thought, used without any hesitation and comfortable for years. De Vorm’s unique range includes Chairs, Couches, Benches, Tables, Acoustic Panels, Screen Dividers & Lighting.

Our offices are located in Dublin, Limerick and Cork. Showroom facilitates available in Citywest Dublin, Limerick and Cork.

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