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Life may be unpredictable, but one thing you can count on is a Bisley product. Precision engineered and built to last, it’ll keep on working as hard as the first day you got it. For over eighty years, we’ve been quietly creating innovative products that meet the evolving needs of our working world. Bisley is the name people turn to for quality they can trust.

Bisley Storage Systems

Introducing one of our inspiring brand new collections …

With the rise for personal stowage requirements at the forefront of the modern, productive workplace, LockerWall provides personal storage solutions that help free up space, promote productivity and give everyone a sense of belonging; bringing personal space into open space.

Reinvent how your office looks, works and flows with our fully customisable LockerWall available in a choice of colours and finishes.

Fully integrated, optimum storage system that delivers dependable security, without dominating your space or  sacrificing style.


Bring together storage, stowage and room division in one seamless system. Inspired by the traditional credenza, Bridge connects the workplace and you – a stylish meeting room addition, subtle space division, or a relaxing place to recharge. The 360-degree accessibility allows dual access and, being entirely customisable, the vibrant range of colours, finishes, back panels and accessories will inject colour, texture and warmth to your environment.


Beautifully hand-crafted magnetic, modular storage and display system that lets you click, twist and rethink your space. With a flawlessly clean design, BOB has been crafted with meticulous attention to detail, thought and care; each unit is hand-finished to match our exacting standards – and yours, too. BOB is the versatile storage system that lets you create impeccable configurations, completely unique to you.


Belong gives you flexibility: hardworking, savvy solutions that don’t compromise on style – so you can thrive, no matter your location. Create a sanctuary wherever you are, so you can focus and stay on top of your workload in comfort. Available in a wide selection of colours and finishes, including 3 new steel shades; stylish storage cupboards and shelving to match desking for a complete setup, as well as clever desktop accessories compatible with products across the collection.

Bisley Storage Systems at Huntoffice Interiors


Be provides perfect combinations for a connected workspace to inspire performance. Offering interchangeable workspace adapting to the need of the modern workforce, the unique double-sided design enables you to create different zones, each with a distinct setting. Using distinctive colour combinations, mixing wood and steel surfaces, Be is available in a large selection of sizes, finishes and accessories; the power to display and perform.

Bisley Be Storage Systems


The personal locker solution specifically designed to accompany height adjustable desking. Buddy is desk-attached to allow your belongings to be easily accessible whilst you move – whether sitting or standing. Users can feel reassured that their personal property is not only stowed securely, but also well within reach, maximising productivity. Offered in a choice of locking options, colours and additional USB charging capabilities.

Bisley Buddy Storage at Huntoffice Interiors

Be Toppers

Contemporary multi-purpose zone divider, ideal for establishing distinctive spaces to work, collaborate or relax. Be Toppers are perfect for creating a versatile, open working environment. With a robust yet elegant frame, the shelving allows for natural light to pass through, separating rooms without the need to build walls. Working to fit your needs, Be Toppers are highly customisable coming in an extensive colour range and finishes.


LateralFile Lodges are a secure personal storage solution for the agile workplace. Available in a range of sizes, colours and finishes, they fit perfectly together to create banks of lodges or have the option to combine them with other products from the LateralFile range. Flexible and stylish, they can be used to define spaces as well as act as visual or traffic barriers.


Create your own unique working space with Vetrospace. Modular pods providing you with the space you need to get creative, work independently without the noise of the surrounding environment, or hold private meetings. Fully ventilated with the option to control the air temperature to suit your needs. Make Vetrospace your own with the array of design options.

Bisley vetrospace

Moving Walls

The multifunctional system that connects the agile workplace and promotes creative collaboration. Mobile, magnetic and writeable, the Moving Wall is a brilliant tool for agile working and space creation. They can be used individually or linked together in a straight line or circular arc without interrupting the flow of writing. Mounted on wheels, they are easy to manoeuvre, and come complete with a handy storage shelf underneath.

Bisley Moving walls


Providing high quality ‘homegrown’ products for your working environment, Deadgood’s seating and furniture are products with personality. Soft seating available in a range of colours for your work meeting or when it’s time to relax, accompanied by furniture designed to attract attention in your workspace. Flexible to suit you and your interiors, Deadgood creates simple products for the modern workplace.

Bisley Deadgood Furniture at Huntoffice Interiors


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