The Benefits of Height Adjustable Desks

     Sit Stand Workstation at Huntoffice Interiors

Health in the workplace is becoming more and more important to employers. Of course, it’s the large technology companies who are leading the way on this – they have to! They are competing with each other for the best workers (also known as “techies” or “coders”) and in order to get the best they need to offer the best working conditions. This is why a few years ago they started to invest in height adjustable desking systems and with good reason. Here are some of the benefits from using a height adjustable desk;

  • Being seated all day, your leg muscles & gluteus muscles will become inactive, thus reducing your ability to sit up straight.
  • Standing up from time to time at your desk helps increase your circulation
  • Staying fixed in one position, insufficient fresh, oxygen-rich blood will be pumped around the body, causing the brain function to slow down.
  • Staying seated for long periods of time causes weight pressure to be unevenly distributed over the spine which can lead spinal problems in the lower back

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